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Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Blog, Part I

Welcome to the 2012 NFL Draft Blog everyone. Make sure to send me a question on Twitter @DoctorFootball, and I'll answer it here. Or, you can simply enter it below.

Love the pick for Philadelphia. Even though he was slated to go in the top 10, I still think he was underrated.

My guess is it's Fletcher Cox for Philadelphia, Michael Floyd for Arizona, not sure about the Rams, and Melvin Ingram for Seattle.

Well, the Chiefs needed a nose tackle, and they got one - Dontari Poe. If you're a Chiefs fan, you hope he lives he plays up to his Combine numbers.

Still don't understand the uproar over Chandler Jones. I saw a tight athlete who made a lot of "clean-up" sacks.

Is it me, or does Stephon Gilmore not look happy to be going to Buffalo?

I really wasn't expecting Kuechly going to Carolina. To restate what I said in my rankings, I like him, but I don't think he's a top-10 pick. To justify that spot, he better be Patrick Willis or Ray Lewis.

Wow, Carolina and Buffalo have already made their picks - we might be done by 9:30.

With Cox probably going to Carolina and Buffalo, Kansas City, and Seattle not needing cornerbacks, Detroit may start thinking about moving up to snag Stephon Gilmore.

And now, Stephen Ross will get his quarterback. Welcome to Miami, Ryan Tannehill. I still question this pick because I think this is a helluva risk at this position. Teams in the top 10 can't take chances. These picks have to hit.

OK, this is going to have to slow down or I'm going to have to bust out the Mavis Beacon CD. By the way Beacon was the fastest typist in the world.

With the Bucs taking Mark Barron, Greg Schiano gets his quarterback for the secondary. They did a great job trading back and still getting their man.

Well, the Cowboys have the best corner and the third best player in the draft. This will help their awful pass defense immensely.

Cowboys trading up for Cox or Claiborne?

Love the pick by the Vikings. In order to find out if a quarterback is "the guy", you have to protect him.

And now it appears that the Jags are trading up for Blackmon...interesting because I'm not sure Blackmon is good enough to make a move like that. Value for receivers is in the 15 to 40 range.

Well, I guessed right - it appears the Vikings have selected Matt Kalil.

Now we find out which was the smokescreen over the past couple of days for the Vikings...Kalil or Claiborne.

The Browns select Trent Richardson - great choice. I'm don't know if Colt McCoy is the answer, but they'll never know if they don't give him some weapons. And even if they decide he's not the answer, they'll have the supporting cast for the next guy.

The Redskins select Robert Griffin III - man, the shockers just keep coming. Let me guess, the Browns are going to select Trent Richardson.

Can't state this enough - both Washington and Indianapolis are getting great quarterbacks. It doesn't matter who went first or second, they're both going to be Pro Bowl players.

And the Indianapolis Colts are now on the clock. I wonder who they'll pick...

The Colts select Andrew Luck - wow, who saw that coming? Seriously, the Colts could not have asked for a better situation when parting with a franchise quarterback. Luck is the best NFL-prepared quarterback I've ever seen. The previous one...Peyton Manning.

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