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Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Blog, Part II

Welcome to the 2012 NFL Draft Blog everyone. Make sure to send me a question on Twitter @DoctorFootball, and I'll answer it here. Or, you can simply enter it below.

The last two picks are for my third (Martin) and second (Wilson) ranked running backs. Both of them are very good additions. Martin is a three-down back who will probably replace Blount when Schiano gets tired of dealing with him. Wilson will be the perfect complement to Bradshaw and will eventually take over as the lead back. Personally, I think he has all the tools to be a premier back in this league.

And now, we're hit with another reach. Don't get me wrong, A.J. Jenkins is a really good receiver, but that's pretty high. I have four other receivers ranked ahead of him, and I didn't hear anyone saying he'd be taken before the late second.

Wow, seeing Minnesota trading back into the first for Harrison Smith was questionable at best. I've never seen anything special about him - in my opinion, he's just a guy.

I'm not overly impressed with Nick Perry pick by the Pats. I still don't think he has the bend to transition to 3-4 outside linebacker.

Bengals did a nice job of addressing needs and getting picks. It might have been a little early for Zeitler, but not by much.

I take back what I said earlier, the Chargers and Texans now share the title of biggest steal in the draft. Mercilus at 26 is spectacular.

DeCastro for Steelers and Hightower for Pats are great selections. Pittsburgh needed offensive line help to keep Big Ben alive. I love Hightower - will work really well with Mayo in the middle.

At 23, Riley Reiff is a great example of value and need. Awesome pick by the Lions.

Well, one out of two ain't bad - Tennessee takes Kendall Wright and the Pats go with Chandler Jones.

Tennessee will take DeCastro and the Pats (after the trade) have to take a pass rusher (Mercilus, Curry, Perry).

Wow, Shea McClellin goes to the Bears - he really did shoot up draft boards. I thought he would go in the 26-31 range. Great pick, though. I really like what McClellin brings to the table - motor, natural pass rusher, high football IQ.

I thought the Chargers would go with Melvin Ingram - can't believe he lasted as long as he did. Chargers just got the steal of this draft.

I had the Bengals taking Dre Kirkpatrick at 21, but with Michael Floyd gone, I think they go Kirkpatrick here and Wright at 21.

Two of the next five picks with all of this talent slipping (Ingram, Mercilus, DeCastro, Reiff, Wright, etc.), not even the Bengals can screw this up...can they?

I'm really surprised on this - I thought Ingram was a lock for the Jets if he lasted that long.

The Jets have to take Ingram here. Rex Ryan loves him - thinks he's Adalius Thomas who he had a lot of succes with in Baltimore. Versatility is a premium for him.

Wow, Seahawks take Bruce Irvin. I had him rated in the second round at best. I like him, but he's got issues off the field and he can only rush the passer.

Still not convinced about Brockers - amazing talent, but looked to have a problem with motivation. Fisher can get it out of him, though.

Like the pick for Floyd and Chiefs more than one for Blackmon and Jacksonville. They didn't have to give up anything and they got a receiver that's only slightly less talented than Blackmon.

Wow, that was one uncomfortable hug between Roger Goodell and Fletcher Cox.

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